Monday, October 13, 2014

High Intensity Workout Using a Step, and Strength Workout Using Parallette Bars

Here is a sample workout for you guys. You can do it as a cash out to your own workout, when you are short on time, or do 2-3 rounds for a complete workout. Up to you! :)

BREAKDOWN - using a STEP  (affiliate link if interested. :) ) of some kind: 
Run on step - right leg leads, then left leads
Squat jump onto step
Curtsy step right leg, then left leg
Straddle jump
One foot stepping - right, then left
Side to side touch downs
Mountain Climbers
Hands down feet jump on
Hands down feet jump over
Up downs with hands from floor onto step, right hand leads, then lefT

Here is another one I did a sample of using my Parallette  (another affiliate link if interested. :) ) bars. SO hard and I LOVE it!!!! This is definitely my new favorite workout toy.

Round upper back, pull abs in
Do a Push up
Swing legs through into an L-Sit
Do a dip
Swings legs back through (I need an extra hop here!)
Step into middle of bars and stand up
Do pistol on right hand side into L-Sit
Back into pistol position to standing to one legged deadlift
1 Handstand hop
Repeat on other side
Swings legs back through

Do 2 rounds of the flow above, and end with
10 single legged glute bridges each side, with a 5 -10 second hold on the last rep

Repeat for 20 minutes for a full workout.

Have fun!

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