Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Need Any Workout Equipment For Your Home?

Check out the list - click on the links for any you are interested in.

Crossfitter use the Dynamax Ball. This is similar to the UGI ball, but MUCH cheaper.
Battle Ball: This is the very similar to above, but has 2 advantages - 1. it's LESS expensive than both the UGI ball and the Dynamax ball, and 2 - it can be slammed without voiding the warranty!

Kettelbells - they are sold everywhere, but typically are crappy brands with handles that don't work well against the skin of your hands (causing tears and callouses) or the handles are too thick or thin. These a higher qualify brand that can be shipped right to your front door! 
Weighted vest - If you are looking for a 10 lb weighted vest, this is one is a GREAT option.
Bosu - I know a lot of people out there love them a BOSU ball. This one is $20 cheaper than most on the market.
Equalizer - made famous by, comes in all colors, $10 cheaper
Sand bag - comes in heavier options. I am DYING to get one of these for myself. 
Battle Ring Suspension System - a cheaper and unique variation of a TRX
Jungle Gym - a less expensive version of the TRX
Speed Jump Rope - makes jumping rope so much easier! offers new yoga classes of all kinds of all levels EVERY day. Pretty cool. Choose from a variety of classes to do right in your own living room.

And if you are looking to order supplements, protein powder, high quality cooking and baking ingredients for a fraction of the cost, look here!
Using that link gets you $10 off your first order. :)

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