Monday, October 27, 2014

I found a great YouTube channel for yoga and it's FREE!

This YouTube Channel is by Lesley Fightmaster and she uploads a new yoga video every Monday. She has lots to choose from too.

She has some for arm balances, for flexibility, for core, for weight loss, etc, etc.

I am so excited I found this! I do not get to go to yoga classes very much anymore - between work, the kids, drop off, pick up, after school activities, etc, it's impossible! I used to go early am, but even then I won't get back in time to my my older kiddo ready for the bus.

This is the one I will be doing tomorrow:

Enjoy yogis!

FYI - I will soon be working at the new BSC in Canton. YIPPEE. I am trying to get a HIIT yoga class started there. Stay tuned.

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