Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working out while on vacation

So the summer time is upon us and many of us travel. Do you guys keep working out while on vacation or take a break? I typically workout, but do mostly bodyweight exercises. If going by car I will bring a KB and jump rope with me.
I keep my vacation workouts short (under 30 minutes), intense and focus on HIIT workouts rather than strength. I do not seek out gyms in the area or anything like that.

Here are some of my favorites!

10 KB swings
10 Burpees (with the push up)
10 rounds

1 Minute jump rope
3 pull ups (I bring my imitation TRX with me)
1 minute wall sit
15 single leg hip thrusters (each side)
10 spiderman push ups (total)
5 rounds

200 KB swings
followed by handstand pratice - 10 minutes
pistol practice - 10 minutes

Tabata Style 
Jump rope and dynamic squats
1 legged burpees ( 4 rounds rt, 4 rounds left)
Plank KB rows - alternating side between rounds, and end up with 4 rt, 4 left
Jumping lunges and V ups
Sumo DeadLift High Pull with KB and mountain climbers

Reverse Lunge into single leg deadlift 15 reps rt side
10 superman push ups
Reverse Lunge into single leg deadlift 15 reps left side
5 Pull ups
5 KB Snatches right, 5 KB Snatches left
4 rounds

30 seconds each, 10 seconds rest to switch exercises:
KB row rt
KB row left
Weighted jump squats
Ab plank climbers
Single leg bridge rt
Single leg bridge left
Jump rope
5 rounds

Happy travels!

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