Thursday, June 12, 2014

High Intensity Yoga

I like the mix of high intensity moves into yoga. I understand NOT wanting to mix the 2, and going for something a bit more gentle too.
However, here are a couple of videos with a more intense mix of a yoga flow.

One is a free download from
It is short and intense and I love it. It's fun.

Many of you have also heard of Zuzka Light. She has some intense yoga routines on youtube:

Often times when I practice yoga by myself, I throw in some yoga burpees, mountain climbers, handstands, hollow rocks, jumping lunges, to bring up the intensity.

Ali Kamenova is another one to check out for some intense yoga routines. I've mentioned her before and she has her own web page and FB page.

I also like some of the slower yoga routines - the ones where you hold poses for a LONG time. Now I don't like to hold it as long as a Forrest Yoga Routine, but nothing gets those arms, abs and legs cooking like holding a side plank or a lunge for over a minute.

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