Monday, November 18, 2013

Is Yoga Really Dangerous?

A great read! Now I am a yogi and love it. But I do think yoga can be dangerous for SOME people. But then again, so can running, weight lifting, kick boxing, spinning, etc. It's all exercise and one must use caution.
You cannot go into your first yoga class and try to wrap yourself up like a pretzel - just like you would not try to run the Boston Marathon on your first day of running, or deadlift 200 lbs on your first try.

Yoga can be challenging and we can see many people doing fancy poses, and the teacher demonstrating some even crazier poses and many of us want to do them too.
BUT - most people who are attracted to yoga are 1. either naturally flexible, 2. were dancers or gymnasts as kids, or 3. are there to heal an injury or gain flexibility.
These first 2 groups excel at yoga in a short period of time. The last group do not. Yoga is a practice. It is not a competition. You should not try and put yourself in a pose that makes you uncomfortable. Good teachers know many modification to try and help the masses instead of trying to show off. I know, I've been to those classes and it is utterly annoying. I like to be super challenged, but the teachers should know better. Most teachers are exceptionally good at yoga because of their athletic backgrounds or because they have made it their life!
Yogi Nora practices yoga 4-5 hours A DAY.

She has an incredible practice and we probably all would if we had that kind of time on our hands. I do know other teachers who practice 2-3 hrs a day. Yikes!

So keep it all in perspective. I think yoga can be a wonderful tool and form of exercise and stress relief. It should be enjoyed, not cause injury. :)

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