Friday, October 4, 2013

Full Body Workout Routine

Give it a  go! Love this one. But then again I love them all don't I? I can't help it. Working out is a high for me. :)

3 Sets of the following 2 exercises:

Weighted glute bridges, 10 reps
Pull-ups, 5-8 reps (assisted is ok too)

Then perform 3 sets of these 2 exercises:

Handstand push ups, 8 reps (elevated push ups or downward dog push ups are great too)
Hamstring roll outs with stability ball, 8 reps each leg, or if you do two legs at once, 12 reps

Last of exercises, 3 sets:

Reverse Lunges, 12 reps each leg
Renegade row push ups, in plank position with weights in hands, row on right side, do a push up, row on left side, do a push up, 12 reps - 6 on each side

Make sure you choose weights above that are challenging for you to complete, but are able to keep good form.

If you need a cash out at the end, here's one:

Vertical Pull Burpee, 5 reps (if you do not have a Kettlebell, a regular burpee will do!)
Jump rope, 50 skips (or if no jump rope, do high knees)

Complete as many rounds as you can in 7 minutes.

Have fun!

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