Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another helpful tip to ensure you are making progress

I read this on one of my favorite blogs (from Geoff Neupert), and wanted to share. This makes so much sense!

Sometimes you can have all the focus and consistency in
the world and still not get the results you're looking for.

Why's that happen?

Cause you're just plain old doing the wrong things.

Cases in point:

You want to lose weight but you're unwilling to cut your

Or -

You want to get stronger but the bulk or your workouts are
made up of "MetCon." (metabolic conditioning - such as HIIT, Tabata, kickboxing, spinning, etc)

Which brings up another great point -

I firmly believe that there isn't anything that can't be
accomplished physically by becoming stronger.

- Trying to lose weight?

Getting stronger allows you to burn more calories both
while working out and at rest.

- Need to improve your conditioning?

Getting stronger allows you to do more work in the same
or less amount of time.

This makes the heavier weights feel lighter and the lighter
weights feel downright easy.

I see too many people wasting too much time on metabolic conditioning and not on getting stronger. Concentrate on strength and then you'll start seeing some results! I promise.
Not to say that metcon workouts do not have their place - they do. I actually prefer them, but I know I will not get the same results without practicing strength first and foremost. I like metcon as finishers for the end of my workouts the best.

And I mean summer is here - it starts this weekend. Get strong!


  1. I've been hearing the phrase: "Strong is the new thin." A little simplistic, but I like it.