Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013. Freaks me out! I can remember being worried about the Y2K problem back in 1999.
I remember the 1999 song by Prince when it first came out and thinking, Gee - when it is 1999 I'm going to be old. LOL!

So what are your New Years Resolutions?
Make sure you are specific, and make sure you write them down.
For instance, many people have a resolution to go to the gym, or to lose weight, or to get stronger. You need to be more specific, and to write them down.
In that case, you would write down - I will go to the gym on Mon, Wed annd Thurs at 6:00pm for the Group Fitness classes, or I will lose 10 lbs by X date, or I will squat x number of lbs by x date.
You get the drift......

I am still working on my Resolutions, and have a couple written down already.
One of them is to get more people reading my blog.
I don't tell enough people about it, and need to do that.
SO - if any of you out there reading my blog know of someone who would benefit from it, or enjoy it, pass it on!
I thank you in advance.
And please feel free to comment or to email me (ginatrim.martin@gmail.com) with topics you would like to see covered in 2013.

Thanks all! Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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