Friday, November 16, 2012

At Some Point Do I Have to Choose Between My A*s and My Face?

I read an article about this the other day believe it or not!

The author states that at some point you have to choose between your a*s and your face. LOL!

Meaning - that the plumper you are - the bigger your butt is, the younger your face looks. Fat fills out the lines in your face giving is a smoother appearance.
The more weight you lose, the better your butt looks, but those fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent in a thin face.
So not fair! And I can attest that this is true. I had a client who recently lost a significant amount of weight - over 25 lbs. She looks fantastic! Her body has never looked better. She has a better wardrobe and she is so happy with her weight loss. But I have to admit, her face actually looks older.
Of course losing weight is better for your longevity and quality of life, but yes, I guess at some point you do have to choose between your butt or your face looking better.

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