Monday, November 5, 2012

An interesting web-site

I found this site that I thought I would share:

It is a web-site dedicated to body transformations. For a fee (anywhere from $250-$1200) you get an online trainer with a customized diet plan and workout program.

You fill out a questionnaire, submit photos, your height, weight and body measurements as well as body fat percentage.

They have several programs to choose from including fitness model, get ripped, post natal, lose weight/feel great, vegan programs and more.

You must take before pics, and are responsible to follow up with your trainer on a weekly basis via email. The workouts and dieting are a bit extreme, but as they say - it is 3-4 mos of transformation, then you go into maintenance phase which is more forgiving and lenient.

It's certainly intriguing!

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