Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yoga Practice at Home

I practice yoga a lot from home as I find it hard to get to a class that fits my schedule with the kids. I get bored doing it myself, and have tried various DVD's but find most of them fall short.
Bryan Kest, Mark Blanchard and Shiva Rea aren't bad, but I like variety, and using the same DVD's over and over again isn't working for me.

I found a fantastic web-site that has various yoga audio/videos to download and use:

Yes, there is a cost associated with it, but still cheaper than going to a class. And there is a lot of variety. They offer all different kinds of yoga - Hatha, Power, Prenatal, Forrest, Baptiste, even yoga with weights, and various lengths of classes.
There's even an app for your iPhone or iPad.

I'll be practicing at home later today. Not sure which one I'm going to pick yet. Decisions, decisions!

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