Friday, September 14, 2012

One of my favorite new workouts

I did this workout the other day and loved it! It was very challenging for me - my muscles were on fire.

I started with Tabata Sprints.

4 rounds of the following:

Pull ups - as many as I could manage
* Dive bombers - 10 reps
1 Legged Squats - 5-8 each leg

Cash out - I ended with Tabata Burpees.

* I had a fellow trainer show me how to do these correctly and what a difference. They are great for your chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and quads.

Those 3 exercises are some of the hardest on the planet - for me at least. The sprints and the burpees were no piece of cake either. I liked the simplicity of it - no equipment required. I loved the challenge, and how it worked every muscle in the body. It focused on strength, metabolic conditioning, as well as flexibility

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