Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Killer Workout!

OK, this workout nearly killed me. I did not expect it to at all, but my grip kept giving out so I had to stop much too often. I've got to work on my grip strength for sure. It is preventing me from getting better at deadlifts and lunges as well.

4 rounds:

10 dead hang pull ups (I was able to get 6-9, and then finished with negatives)
50 overhead Kettlebell swings (I used a 30 lb bell)

I stopped way too many times during the swings as I could not grip the KB anymore. I was only able to do round one unbroken. ARGH.

I think next time I try this one, I will try a regular 2 handed swing with a 35 lb bell, or use a 25 lb for overhead swings and see if I can get them done unbroken.

But I liked this workout as it gets your heart rate up there, works your back, biceps, shoulders, core, and my butt and hammies were on fire. :)

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