Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is Cardio a Lie?

I get a newsletter from Matt Furey, and his latest has this to say:

Cardio Is Dead!
Why is Dr. Al Sears, MD, telling people to stop doing aerobics and cardio… to throw away their jogging shoes… and to
skip the gym? 
Could it be that traditional exercise is actually bad for you? 
Could it be that if you practice aerobics or cardio, you’re actually making your lungs smaller and weaker? 
After 25 years of research, Dr. Sears has patented a revolutionary approach to fitness that’s easy to follow and gets
And the great news is, you can do this no matter what shape you’re in. It’s the only workout system that focuses on
retraining your metabolism. 
You see, “aerobics” teaches your body to store fat for energy. PACE Express retrains your body to get rid of body fat
and store energy in the muscle. It’s energy you can feel, and it’s on demand. No other way of exercising does that for

Click on the link to read more about Cardio, Yes, he is trying to sell something, BUT what he has to say about cardio I find very interesting, Why waste your time doing it if you don't have to!!!!!!!!!!

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