Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intermittent Fasting

This is something I have been getting into lately, and so far I like it. I eat a lot cleaner, and I don't think about food as much, and I am not snacking ALLLLLLLLLL day long like I typically do.
I will get more into what I practice later, but for more info on it, you can of course Google it, but look here as well:





Check it out, and perhaps give it a try. Not all eating plans are right for all people, so finding a lifestyle that works for you is key. Don't - I repeat DON'T diet. Find a lifestyle of healthy eating habits!

Know why SO many people lose a TON of weight with Weight Watchers and then put it all back on? Because once people reach their goal, they go back to the way they were eating before. No can do - gotta stick with the eating plan - the lifestyle - in order to keep the weight OFF for GOOD.

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