Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outdoor workouts

I love to workout outside - especially in the morning before it has gotten too hot out.

Now the outdoors does not have the equipment a gym does, so I need to be creative.

I often go to a playground so I can use the monkey bars to do some pull ups. :)

Try a playground workout - have some fun - be a kid again - even if just for a little while.

Pull ups - anyway you can using the monkey bars, 5-10
Elevated push ups - feet on a park bench, 10-20
Step ups - one foot on park bench and step on with the other foot - go fast and do as many as you can in one minute
Tricep dips - off of park bench, 20 reps
Bulgarian split squats - backside is facing park bench, put top of foot right on bench, and lunge left leg down as low as you can, 20 each leg
Sprints - 80% effort, 50 yards

Do 3-5 rounds.

Enjoy the outdoors. :)

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