Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upcoming Vacation

I'll be going on vacation soon, and want to be able to enjoy it - eating ice cream and sweet potato fries, but not let my waist line explode either.
So I am bringing my pull up rings with me, and my 40 lb KB.
I plan on doing a 20 min outdoor workout each day:

5 pull ups, 10 1 legged push ups, 50 yard sprint - as many as I can in 20 min
10 KB swings and 10 Burpees - as many as I can in 20 min
50 walking lunges, 5 hand stand push ups, 5 rows rt then left, 5 swing catch squats, as many as I can in 20 min
1 TGU on the right with 3 snatches at the top, 1 TGU on the left with 3 snatches at the top, 20 min
10 weighted jump squats, 10 body rows, 30 mountain climbers, again as many as I can in 20 min
5 pull ups with L sit hold, 5 1 legged box jumps right then left, 5 pistols right then left,  in 20 min

So - no excuses - all short and to the point. And can't wait for the beach, the ice cream and for relaxing.

Take some workouts on the road with you too. has some great traveling workouts as well. Just click on Travel WOD's at the top of the screen.

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