Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Pack Abs for Summer

Who doesn't want a six pack? And why is it so hard to obtain?

I've mentioned this before, but you need to have enough muscle to have defined abs as well as little enough body fat to see the definition. Sigh....

It is about 80% diet and 20% exercise. You cannot workout / workoff poor nutrition. Just by eating less you also will not get a six pack. If that was the case then sick and hungry people would have defined abs.
You need to find the right combination of dieting (I hate that word, so lifestyle way of eating) and working out.

There is a FREE, yes, FREE Ebook that goes over this in detail that I am reading right now. I thought I would share. It is by Geoff Neupert - a Kettlebell expert. I read his blog from time to time and find what he has to say interesting and often actually makes SENSE.

I am a sucker for watching and reading and zuzana's channel on youtube, and as good as these sites might be for entertaining and for getting some exercise ideas, they do not always make sense to me. I cannot understand HOW they get these 6 pack bodies. But after reading this ebook, they obviously have the right way of eating down pat to match their workouts. And some pretty good genetics too I would gather. :)

Here is a link:     It is to be used on a Kindle - and you can download the Kindle App onto your smart phone for FREE as well.

His recommendations are based on a male 200 lbs, but can be adjusted accordingly. His recommendations are - in my opinion - fantastic - but not necessarily easy. :) 


  1. Aren't six pack abs mostly a matter of vanity, and not really about fitness? Pavel looks pretty damn good, but he doesn't have the abs of a body builder, and I'm sure he doesn't want them.

  2. You could be onto something there Bruce. According to Geoff Neupert who wrote the free Ebook I talked about above, says a six pack SHOWS your level of fitness. That's his opinion. And you've gotta work pretty hard to get them.
    I think Pavel has a great physique and abs, but no, his are not going to be defined as a body builders and he is not a body builder. He probably burns too many calories of fat and muscle with the crazy workout he does!