Monday, April 16, 2012

Fitness Classes

Should you take fitness classes at a gym?

This is a hard question to answer as I teach classes!!! LOL.

Much of it depends on the instructor. Got a great instructor - you'll get a great class.

I do prefer to take a yoga class at a studio above and beyond at a gym, BUT most gyms do not have a heated room or a separate room for yoga, so this distracts from its appeal. I now work at the TenX Club in Canton and they DO have a separate heated room and it rocks.
I have however on occasion taken an exceptionally good yoga instructor at a gym.

As far as fitness classes go - what I have a problem with - and why I often do not take classes myself, is that the gyms limit the amount of weights and/or equipment in the Group Exercise room.
I would teach a FAR better class with heavier weights available.
I think it is downright sexist at times.
Gyms put up to 12 - maybe 15 lbs in the Group Ex room..... that's it! No wonder hardly any men take classes.
And no wonder women who take classes hardly see results.
Come on now!
I vividly remember running out of the heavier Kettlebells in my classes too. There was simply not enough to go around, and then you plateau in a class.

I have asked people at my new gym to put in requests for heavier weights for fitness classes. There are a few of us in class who take weights out of the gym itself and bring it into class.
I think more men would take classes if there were heavier weights, AND more women would USE heavier weights if they were readily available.

I think gyms make a big mistake here and are holding some of us back.

So - should you take fitness classes?

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