Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jack of all Trades, Master of None?

This was me for sure when it came to working out. I actually LIKE to workout so doing anything and everything was fun - Kettlebells, CrossFit, HIIT, weight training, P90X, Bikram yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, and walking.
I would take turns doing all of these things, and yes I was in good shape, but I was not really good at any one thing, and was not making as much progress as I wanted to.
Over the last several weeks I have picked several exercises to focus on. I will do variations of the exercises as time goes on, so I continue to make changes, continue to challenge by body in different ways, and so I do not get bored.
I train 3 days a week and participate in a yoga class three days a week. Mobility is hugely important to me, so my yoga practice is here to stay.

For my training, one day I practice deadlifts, push presses and pull ups. I end my training with a tabata of Kettlebell swings.
I can vary it by practicing 1 legged deadlifts, push presses with a KB, dumbbell, barbell, or by practicing hand stand push ups, and pull ups I keep trying to get to 10 unbroken!
The next time I train, I work on reverse lunges, push ups, hip thrusts and inverted rows. I end my training with a KB snatch tabata.
I have added weighted push ups and will eventually incorporate dive bombers once I get good at weighted push ups. I am, also adding weight to the inverted rows, and hip thrusts can be done on the ground, elevated, with 2 legs or with one.
My third day of training consists of Turkish Get Ups, Front squats or back squats, dips and pull ups.
I end my training with a KB figure 8 tabata.
Each training day takes between 30-60 min, including the warm up and stretch at the end. The tabata's are the ONLY cardio training I do as I want to burn off any muscle. The weight training I do is exhausting enough anyways.

I go to the gym with a PLAN each time. I have my list of exercises, and how I am going to improve - Whether it is to increase my weight by 5 lbs, or increase my reps by even just one. And each week I make a little more progress. I write it down to keep track of how I am doing so I can continue to improve.

Yeah, I miss dabbling in all kids of fitness, but I want to SEE and FEEL changes in my body, not just go to the gym aimlessly. How about you?

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