Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Setting goals

This is important in all aspects of life, not just for workouts or nutrition plans, but lets start there since this is a fitness blog! :)
Did any of you set goals for New Years Resolutions? Are you sticking to it?
First off, if your goal is - I want to lose weight, it is too vague. You need to be specific. For instance, your goal should be I want to lose X number of pounds.
If your goal is - I want to tone up. I hear this all the time! OK, ummmm, way too vague. Again, be specific:
I want to be able to squat X number of pounds, do X number of push ups.
WRITE it down. TELL someone else. It will make the goals real and help to hold you accountable. 
Holding yourself accountable and giving yourself a way to measure your goals is a path for success.
Post your goals on Facebook! Let the world see them and then there is no turning back.
There are a ton of goal setting tools out there, but honestly all you need is a notebook to keep at your bedside and write in it every night. Keep track of your goals.
If you think you need some help setting and achieving your goals there a good one I know of:

From Lululemon of all places - they make my favorite workout wear.

So - go ahead, make a goal, make it measurable, write it down, tell someone else about it, and keep track of your progress. There will be a new you in no time.

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