Friday, February 10, 2012

At Home Body Weight Workout

The weather has not been so bad this winter. I cannot complain! However when it does snow or get a bit colder out, I find it harder to leave the house. It is good to have an at home workout planned. I have one for tomorrow in case the snow makes me feel like hibernating. :)
I always start and end my workouts with some yoga, but here it the workout itself:

Using a timer (check out the Gymboss one here on my site, it RULES)

Perform 30 seconds of each, 3 rounds, as little rest as possible:

speed squats
jump squats
squat hold
immediately followed by
push ups
plank hold

Next - 3 rounds of the following:
10 burpees
20 v ups
30 reverse lunges (15 reps ea leg)

If you have any energy left, end with a Tabata of mountain climbers and superman holds.

Enjoy. Beats shoveling snow! :)

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