Sunday, December 4, 2011


I recently posted info about soy.
I could post twice as much about wheat! I can find a half a dozen articles stating it is good for you and another half a dozen saying it is the devil.
So I did a little experiment.
I tried the Paleo diet which allows nooooo grains let alone wheat. I did it 95% of the time for 90 days and then continued with it afterwards for nearly 9 more months about 80% of the time.
I like that this diet is all about real whole foods and nothing processed. I am a big believer in that myself .
What I noticed the most was my increase in muscle definition. I did find the diet very cumbersome, expensive as hell and I missed wheat! But I was stronger.
Then a funny thing happened. I started to get bad headaches, stomach pains, and this weird rash on
my mouth.
Turns out I am allergic to nuts, seeds, apples, carrots and a whole other list of fruits. Argh!!!! So basically I need to eat nothing but meat and veggies for every meal and every snack with Paleo.
So being a stay at home mom of 2 who works a little here and there I simply cannot afford that much meat! Not to mention - boring! And I turned back to wheat. I am eating bread and pasta again. I can hear  my old Crossfit coach grunting and telling me my budget is just a excuse. Maybe it is, but it is a damn good one . I think of it as more of a sacrifice to support my children right now.
I am still nursing my infant who also had food allergies including eggs (a big staple in the Paleo diet) so I was frustrated with what was left for me to eat. Not to mention I know wheat products are processed and it goes against what I believe in. BUT I can buy 10 boxes of pasta for $10 and only one meat meal for $10.... Ugh.
Then another funny thing happened. I lost weight - about 6 lbs.
I think because I replaced all that munching on seeds and  nuts and replaced it with crackers and oatmeal - which again are processed foods but a lot less in calories. My muscle tone and strength  so far have been the same, but I did notice something else. My joints have been hurting a lot. I know wheat can cause inflammation in the body though I showed absolutely noooooo reaction to it when tested. Or maybe my joints hurt from not enough protein or losing too much weight. Another arrrggghhhh!
So I am back to the drawing board . I will keep you all posted.

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