Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How I like my workouts these days

If I am not practicing yoga but instead practicing Kettlebells or a CrossFit type workout, I  like these to be short and very intense. I used to like circuit type workouts - 30-40 second on, 10-20 seconds off and do about 8-10 different exercises, 3 rounds.
Though I still like those type of workouts, my direction for myself has changed, and I like workouts that have 2-4 compound exercises and you have to repeat, repeat, repeat for 20 minutes. I like the repetition of the same exercises over and over again as I feel like my muscles REALLY get worked and fatigued to a point of changing and making me stronger.
For instance I love doing Kettlebell swings, burpees and pull ups all in one workout.
Or Turkish Get ups, renegade rows, and jump squats.
One of my favorite bodyweight workouts is 10 push ups, 15 speed squats, 20 vups - repeat as fast as I can for 20 min.
Another workout I love is  alternating lunges, mountain climbers and pull ups.
OR - 1 legged squats, handstand pushups and snatches.
Anyways, you get the drift. Typically by the 5th round I am getting wiped and my muscles are twitching and shaking - in a way that I do not get from a circuit workout with more exercises. For example, in a circuit workout it might include pull ups, and I perform them 3 times in the circuit - and perhaps get 15 of them in a workout. But if I am only doing 3 exercises and doing as many as I can in 20 min, I might get 40 of them in - and this makes a difference - for me.
Again, it is the repetition for me that I like, and that I find is working better for my body.
You can experiment in your own workouts and see what works best for you. It is always good to change things up. :)

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