Monday, November 21, 2011

Grocery Shopping Woes

Does anyone else get as aggravated with grocery shopping as I do?

For instance, I was at the supermarket this weekend and I wanted to buy some tuna fish. I could not for the life of me find one that did not come with salt, or sodium chloride, or soybean oil, etc. All I wanted was TUNA - just tuna, NO chemicals!

Then I went to buy some salad dressing. I typically make my own, and now I remember why. The ingredients were horrendous. Soybean oil, sugar, corn syrup, etc, etc. WHAT?!

I usually buy mostly meat, fruits and veggies and try to stay away from the processed foods, but my husband and daughter both like sandwiches. Me too from time to time. But trying to find a bread with decent ingredients is laughable.

Now - I do not make my own red sauce and trying to find a decent one can be tricky as well. I make my own sweet potato fries and I LOVE ketchup - but again trying to find one without corn syrup or some other kind of junk in it is a joke!

And forget about cold cuts. Have you ever read the additives to your meat in cold cuts? Why can't they just cook the meat, cut it up thin and sell it that way?

WHY do all food manufacturers do this crap?? Shelf life! ARGH. Makes me so mad because if you do happen to find food without all the crap in it, it is wayyyyyy more expensive.
For instance, my daughter loves cashews. I bag of raw cashews is over $7, but a roasted, salted one is $4. Again, the shelf life thing. Manufacturers charge more if there is less shelf life, because they have to spend more to transport it quickly or it will go bad.  It's a scam I tell you!

I think I need to start a grocery store chain that ONLY carries REAL food.

Make sure you are reading your labels. What you are eating may just surprise you!

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