Friday, September 16, 2011

Intermittent Fasting

Now I LOVE to eat, and I am not really a fan or advocate of fasting, but I found this article rather interesting:

Her site is a great one anyways, and she has some great nutrition info. I liked the different kinds of fasting she mentions, especially the daily one - 14 hr fast. So basically if you finish eating at 7pm at night, you don't eat again until 9am the next day. Even I could do that! :)
Nia Shanks gives details and the pros and cons of the different kinds of intermittent fasting and you can therefore find one that perhaps works for you.

I do NOT recommend fasting of any kind if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, nursing, diabetic, hypoglycemic, or any other medical condition where you should not be fasting!!!!
Be smart about it.
I know that a lot of people get terrific results with fasting. It is great for fat loss AND for muscle toning.
I am still nursing my 8 month old infant, but I plan on trying the daily 14 hr daily fast in the future and see how it works for me.
I will keep you posted of course.

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  1. Gina! I hope you are well. Thank you for sharing this post and linking to the website. It was incredibly helpful for me (not sure if you remember the annoying stomach condition that I have) and I've decided to adapt the 14 hour fast. I've done it for a few days and my stomach feels so much better by mid-day. It could be just the thing I needed. Thank you! Hope those babies (I guess really baby and big girl!) are keeping you on your toes! xo Lindsey