Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feel the Burn

I was just reading an article on why we should lift heavy weights - especially women.
It creates muscle tone in a way that low weight/high reps cannot.
This is where a fitness myth comes into play.
Just because you 'feel the burn' does NOT mean the exercise is working.
Yes, you are building muscular endurance when you 'feel the burn', but it does not mean you are toning muscle.
It is simply the lactic acid you feel building up.
For example, ever blow dry your hair and your arm gets tired?
It is lactic acid building up, but are you seriously building muscle here? No, of course not. Otherwise we would all have toned arms.
The same thing goes with crunches.
How many of you do hundreds of crunches to 'feel the burn', but yet you still see no results?
If you are lifting light weights and doing lots and lots of reps, you are wasting your time.
Any exercise is better than none too, so if this is all you do, then do it.
But why not get better AND faster results.
With heavier weight you have to do less reps so that means less time in the gym, and more time out in life.
And you'll see faster results with heavier weight.
Remember - I have said this before - toning muscle is the same thing as building muscle!
You cannot 'tone' without building muscle - period.
BUT building muscle does not mean building bulk. They are not one in the same.

So if you have been going to the gym, and not seeing any results, LIFT heavier!
What have you got to lose?? Try it and I bet you'll be surprised.

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