Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Want a Perfect Body?

Ummm...... who doesn't! But if you want a perfect body not only do you have to exercise regularly you have to eat perfectly.
And we are not perfect. Most people who have perfect bodies are either  - freaks of nature or eat well ALL the time.
Now I know a couple of people who are religious with their diets. And yes, they look great. But you know what else?
They can be so - BORING!
This does not mean I advocate going out and eating pizza, ice cream and cookies every day, but at the same time, I don't believe in being overly fixated with healthy or righteous eating to the point you can't enjoy going out either.
With that being said, most of us do need to improve our diets. Cutting out processed foods can make the biggest difference in what you look like, your energy levels, in your workouts, how you sleep, in your skin, your hair, your libido and more.
So if you are doing your best and still have flaws you do not like, cut out some more junk food, and you know what else? Accept your flaws. We are not models in magazines that are airbrushed.
Have you heard this:
"I want to look like a model. Yeah, so do the models." LOL. No model can live up to his/her picture.
Even Zuzana ( - who I think has a gorgeous body - has posted about having cellulite - on her own blog. (Typically I do not advocate her as she was once a porn star, and wears next to nothing when she works out, but a lot of her articles and workouts are not half bad).

I did my 200 swings yesterday with my 35 lb KB and geez are my hamstrings sore! I have not done that workout in a while. One part of my body I love to be sore as they are not perfect. :)

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