Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crazy Kettlebell Workout

So I decided to try this workout the other day and it nearly killed me.
I wrote it down on paper and it did not seem like it would be so bad, but half way through it I thought I was going to collapse!

5 rounds of the following:

5 Dead cleans right, 5 left (I used a 44lb KB)
10 push presses (I used 2 25 lb KB's)
15 Push ups (Brutal after Push Presses)
20 Reverse Lunges (I used 2 25 lb KB's)
25 Swings (I used a 44lb KB)

I was toast! I made it through 4 rounds, and my 5th round was sloppy, completely broken up, I was a mess. Just the way I like to feel after a workout. LOL.

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