Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday No Weight Gain Challenge!

Are You Up For It?

I read about this challenge online, and HAD to bring it to your attention.

The '200 Kettlebell Swings a Day' challenge - every day (starting today!) through Dec 31st.

Just imagine with the holiday feasts and parties coming and not gaining any extra weight. No New Years Resolution to make (and, ummm, probably not keep). However - this does not mean you should go out and eat even more. The extra festivities should be enough extra yummy food.

Some of you might need to go out and get your own Kettlebell to do this, and I highly recommend it. Get yourself a holiday gift this year. I also now have downloadable workouts for you to do, so give them a shot.

Try Target, or you can find them even cheaper at Ocean State Job Lot. Check out their web-sites for the closest location to you.

People have a tendency to stop going to the gym this time of the year and wait for Jan. 1. I can certainly understand with all the traveling you might need to do, the holiday parties, the shopping, the family visits, not being able to squeeze in gym time as much as you would like.

Try the challenge! Try some of my workouts without ever having to leave your house.

Here is a little side note about Kettlebell exercises: Kettlebell workouts burn 20.2 calories per minute, that's double spinning (9.8 calories per minute) and that's double traditional boot camp workouts (9.9 calories per minute). So if you are on the fence about Kettlebells you may want to rethink signing up for that spinning class again.

And if any of you want to get more into yoga (increase your range of motion and therefore significantly increasing your strength) I urge you to go to Inner Strength Yoga in Watertown and take Roman's class. You will not be disappointed - more than likely you will be pleasantly surprised. He will take you to a higher fitness level that you ever thought possible.

I would love to hear from anyone who is up for the 200 Swings a Day challenge and let me know how you do over the holidays.

Good luck!

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  1. This is a great idea! I will be traveling for the holidays via car, so I can bring my KB with me. I was looking for something to help keep me in check over the holidays, and this is just it.
    Thanks! Jan