Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 Home Workouts to Try

OK, here are some great workouts to try from home. Perfect in time for the holidays or if you are traveling.

The first is a Kettlebell, the second a body weight, and the last a yoga practice. All workouts are 10-30 min long - that's it! No excuses.

KETTLEBELL - this is one of the harder workouts I have done lately. You might be doing it in one of my classes soon.
50 seconds on, 10 seconds off - of 5 different exercises, 3 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds. Do as MANY reps as you can in each 50 second burst.

1. KB Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
2. 2 Handed Swing
3. Rows - 25 seconds each side
4. Push ups
5. Snatches - 25 seconds each side
Rest 1 min, repeat, rest 1 min, repeat. DONE.

BODYWEIGHT - Evil Burpees
Do 2 jump squats, on your second one, jump back into a push up position, jump your legs apart and do a push up, jump your legs back together, then forward to your hands, repeat the jump squats, back into plank, jump legs apart, push up, legs together, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Do as MANY as you can in 10 minutes. Go full throttle!

(FYI - I recently bought a Gym Boss timer as you can set it to be a stop watch or set it to be used as intervals - such as the 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off. GREAT buy, and cheap, $20.

POWER YOGA - 30 min. Remember to breathe deeply.
Child's Pose
3 Sun A's
Downward Dog -
Right leg up, open hip, flip dog then into side plank, then do left side
Chair pose - hold for 8 breaths
Sun B - Leg up, knee into nose 5 times, W1 - backbend and release, both sides
Sun B - Leg up, knee to elbow 5 times, W11 - reverse, into 1/2 moon, into airplane pose, into Crescent lunge, twist, release, do other side
Sun B - Leg up, knee to opposite elbow 5 times, step into standing split, 1/2 moon again, W11, release, do other side
3 backbends, bridge and or wheel
1 inversion of choice
End with hip opener of choice

ENJOY - and your body will thank you for it. Don't forget - I have more workouts for you to download as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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