Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do you notice other people's physique's at the gym?

OK, don't we all? Don't we notice that person who stands out and want to go up to them and ask them what they do for a workout, and what they eat all day?! Come on - admit it!

I bet you it is NOT the person who is aimlessly using the treadmill, riding the bike or elliptical, or using a nautilus machine- now is it? Do you seriously see someone on a leg extension machine or staring at the TV on a cardio machine and then say to yourself, I wish I had that body? No! Are you one of those people on those machines? Then STOP! Why continue to do those ineffective exercises when it is getting you no where? "Do what you have always done and get what you have always got."

If you have been exercising for years and you don’t have the body of your dreams, if you haven’t made dramatic changes, then what you are doing is not working. Maybe it’s time to take an honest look at how hard you are pushing during your workouts, what your diet looks like and how consistent your training is. If you have been spending 45 minutes a day on the elliptical trainer for the last 4 years and you look the same (or worse) than when you started you are long overdue for a change.

Sometimes we tend to resist change - it makes us uncomfortable. It is far easier to go to the gym for an hour and watch the tube while your legs move up and down at a leisurely pace on the stair master and your mind wanders in a numb semi vegetative state. As a general rule if you are watching TV or reading a magazine while working out, chances are you are not focused on putting your max effort into the training – and the end result will not get you closer to your goals. It takes about 3 months of killer effort to start seeing noticeable changes – 1 year of consistent training to completely transform yourself physically. There are no short cuts, but if you are putting in the time at the gym, why not reap the rewards and actually make those changes?

Yes, I am biased to Kettlebell and yoga workouts - but it does not mean they are the only workouts that are effective. Body weight exercises are some of my favorites too. No equiment, no gym membership needed. You would get a much, and I mean MUCH better body trying to do as many full burpees as you can in 10 minutes than walking on the treadmill watching TV for an hour.
Or do as many rounds of push ups, speed squats and v ups in 15 minutes and see the sweat pour off of you, and see you body change!

I bet most of the people in the gym you see don't change. They have the same body they did a year ago. Is that you? Then CHANGE your workouts and you more than likely need to change your diet. (Hint - No processed foods).

Push yourself a bit harder and your body will respond. Clean up your diet and your body will respond.

Those bodies you see at the gym that you want to have are most likely in the weight room, or in classes using the heavier weight and giving it their ALL.

How about you?

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