Monday, September 20, 2010

Something to think about

What is it? Do people have a weight problem OR do they have a lifestyle problem? Hmmmm....

I always wondered why people do not invest as much into their health as they do into their TV's, cars, clothes, etc, etc. Shouldn't health come first? What are you doing to invest in your own health? Not giving your money to McDonald's I hope!

I am still taking my Juice Plus ( every day. This helps me ensure I am getting ALL the nutrients I need on a DAILY basis. Can't get much better than that. Being pregnant too I have to be especially mindful. There have been several studies on pregnant women taking Juice Plus and one of the studies revealed that the umbilical cords were twice as thick on those who took it through out their pregnancies. Wow! Meaning babies were getting twice as many nutrients. Pretty cool - huh? Imagine what it could do for you!

Lifestyle is a huge problem for a lot of people. We get set in our ways, don't like change, even resist change. Why not change for the better?

It is funny, my little girl who will be 3 in November is full of energy, full of excitement and full of life. She asks LOTS of questions. Often times I will say to her - well, why not try? And she says, why yes mommy? Optimism at such a young age. I can learn from that - choose a lifestyle of more optimism. Learning from a 2 year old... Why not? I mean - why yes?

We can choose to live a better life by choosing to eat right, exercise and get some rest too. Why yes we can! No more excuses. Stop thinking so much and try something new - it just might work.

And here is something else I thought I would share. You'll rarely ever find pictures of me on this blog. As I've said before this blog is to help YOU, and is not about me. But I thought this was worthy. Check out the picture above - unassisted pull ups at 6 months pregnant.

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