Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dieting - tips?!?

OK, I've heard some crazy diet tips out there. Let's think about this.

No fruit - too much sugar.
No bananas - too much starch.
No potatoes - too much starch.
No carrots - too much sugar AND too much starch.
No beans or legumes, etc, etc.


The silly list goes on. Seriously, I don't know anyone who has gotten FAT from eating too many carrots or bananas!!!!

What does make people fat is processed foods. Too much cookies, cake, pasta, ice cream, bagels, chips, soda, pizza, and beer. Now I know plenty of people who have gotten big from too much pizza and beer.

With all the crazy dieting advice out there sometimes it is hard to know what advice is valid. I guess - a little common sense just need to come into play

So ask yourself - is what I am about to eat processed? Then try to avoid it. I am not saying you need to be perfect and avoid all processed foods all the time - I mean some of them are damn good! But most of the time, yes, avoid them. Your health depends on it.

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