Sunday, August 8, 2010

Can Overexercising Make You Fat?

Hmmmmm.... I've seen a few articles on this lately, so I thought I would share some info with you.

You can go into any gym and see tons of people
on treadmills, ellipticals, staismasters, stationary bikes and
spinning bikes. They think that using these machines for long
periods of time will help them lose weight and get fit.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, overdoing the cardio, or overexercising in any form, can
have a negative effect on your health. This might come as quite a
surprise to the health industry and to the millions of people who
are doing themselves more harm than good.

As it pertains to weight loss, the idea of exhausting calories
through constant exercise has proven to be inaccurate.
Overexercising actually increases your appetite making you eat more - and unless you choose healthy foods each time - this can backfire.
I see so many of you take 2 cardio classes back to back to burn off what you eat - only to make yourself super hungry again, you eat more, and hence workout more. The vicious cycle never ends!
The combination of stressful exercise and extra eating winds up being a fat

Now I'm sure that someone is thinking, "Should I ever run fast, or
sprint, etc, etc?"

The answer to that is: Yes.

If you want to max out, you can do it for short periods of time - and certainly not every day. This type of workout should only be done once you get yourself into
moderately good shape. I have used this with a lot of success and the workout takes 15-20 minutes maximum.

You also need to warm up before and stretch out after this type of
exercise. You will get even more benefits from short burst of intense exercise than from many hours of mind numbing and stress inducing cardio. Yes...long cardio
sessions induce a lot of stress, which impedes any metabolic

If you want to get old before your time, keep logging those marathon
cardio sessions. Otherwise switch it up!

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