Sunday, May 17, 2015

Long Time NO Post! Lots of info for you today

So life has definitely gotten the better of me these days and I have not been posting much.

I do however have lots of info to share with you today!

For you yogis, check this out:

Do you remember the Equinox ad with the woman in her black underwear doing a yoga sequence? (here it is in case you have not seen it:

Well she now has her own yoga class videos - here is the link again:

I am super interested because her yoga practice is ah-mazing!

Secondly, for you weight lifters out there, here is a fantastic article for you to read:

I loved that read - It can be hard to know where to go with your strength training. I want to do everything! From cleans, to squats, to deadlifts, to dips, to handstand push ups, to snatches, to turkish gets ups, etc,etc, etc. You can't be good at it all! Sometimes sticking to the basics is the best way to go. Working on strength is one of the best routes for improving your overall physique - for fat loss and muscle gain.

Lastly, I cannot forget the latest from Bret Contreras - he is my absolute favorite in the fitness industry!

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