Monday, August 25, 2014

HIIT Yoga Routine

I love combing yoga and high intensity body weight exercises.

Here is one for you to try:

Start out with 3 Sun Salutation A's and 3 B's.
Add in 50 Mountain climbers.
Do 2 Sun A's and 2 Sun B's, plus a warrior 2.
Perform 100 Mountain Climbers.
Do 1 Sun A followed by 1 Sun B, plus a warrior 2, plus half moon.
Perform 10 Burpees followed by 10 jump lunges (each leg).
Practice an arm balance of your choice.
Repeat the Burpees and jump lunges.
Practice 3 different variations of side plank.
Practice some backbends and hip openers.
You're done. :)

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