Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back from vacation workout!

Give this one a go. I did it this morning - my first day back from vacation. I did workout while I was on vacation, but no heavy lifting as I couldn't travel with heavy weights! I did bring my KB, jump rope, resistance band and pull up rings. I also did 10 pull ups while away. :)
I posted it on my other blog on its FB page:
If you want to check out the video. :)

I really liked this workout. Perfect combo of strength, conditioning, upper and lower body.

4 rounds of the following exercises:

150 jump rope skips
8 KB cleans right, then left
8 KB push presses right, then left
Barbell Deadlifts - only 3-5 reps, go heavy
8 one arm rows, right then left
8 single leg hip thrusters, right then left with a 2 count hold at the top, and a 2 count when lowering down (make these deliberate and squeeze those glutes!)
Hollow body rock hold for 30 seconds

Enjoy it!

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