Friday, August 30, 2013

Great Heart Pumping Workout

Try this one on your holiday weekend!

Labor it is! LOL.

2 rounds of each set of 3 exercises, then move onto the next three. Perform for 40 seconds, rest 20. Rest 1 minute before moving onto the next set.

  1. Weighted Side Step Up (right) (use a step, a bench, stairs at home, a coffee table)
  2. Weighted Side Step Up (left)
  3. Renegade Rows
  1. Push Press (right)
  2. Push Press (left)
  3. KB Swings (pick a weight you can do for 40 seconds)
  1. Jump Squats
  2. Super Plank Push ups (forearm plank to high plank then a push up, repeat)
  3. Side to Side Bench Jump Overs (if you do not have a step available, jump over a mat)

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