Sunday, January 27, 2013


I read something the other day - and you probably have seen it before, but it really hit home for me.

Due the diligence of sacrifice or pay the price of regret. It's so true!

Sacrifice part of your day for your workouts. Your body and health are worth it. Make time for yourself. You need to take care of yourself because nobody is gonna do it for you, and you cannot take care of others if you're in bad health!
There are plenty of web-sites and youtube videos out there with 10-20 min workouts.You don't even have to leave your own living room. There are no excuses in this day and age with all the media we have available at our finger tips. There are On Demand workout videos, and there are workouts apps.
No excuses!!!

Sacrifice the junk food and eat the healthy stuff or suffer the regret of feeling bloated, guilty, lethargic, and over weight. I'm not going to sugar coat it (pun intended) but you need to suck it up and say NO - I'm not going to eat the pizza, the brownie, the latte, the Lucky Charms, the McDonald's or what ever it is.
This has always been harder for me as I am a big eater. Thankfully I LOVE the workout, but nutrition is 80% of the battle when it comes to the body of your dreams. The holidays are over and I need a good kick in the arse to stop eating all the goodies. Sigh......

I've never heard anyone say that sacrificing brownies was easy, but then again I've never ever heard anyone say it wasn't worth it! I've heard plenty of times the regrets of eating too much.
So put your mind in the right spot and you'll be unstoppable. :)

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