Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Tips on Bringing in a Healthier New Year

1. Take Yoga! If you have not done so yet - what are you waiting for? So many people tell me day in and day out - I'm going to do x,y and z, but then never do. :( You won't see any changes if you don't do something different. Yoga helps the body, mind, and helps keep your joints as well as your muscles in shape.

2. Take Juice Plus! Seriously. It is a measely $44 a month and can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your life or in the life of your child.  you can order it there or contact me at
It is the next best thing to more fruits and veggies in your diet - and we ALL can use more of those. If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 21 they can take it for FREE. If I offered a fail free weight loss pill all of you would jump on it! But I offer a get healthy supplement and people are not as convinced. Really? That's crazy!

3. Sleep better. Now I need this one! With a nearly 2 year old who still does not sleep through the night, I could sure use some sleep. Sleep helps the body repair itself and helps your brain recharge. Improper sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues, so make it a priority.

4. Now I am not going to say exercise. If you are reading this blog, you are more than likely exercising already. From what I can see at the gym where I work, some of you actually need to workout LESS. Many of you take TWO classes in a row. You workout for 2 + hours a day. UGH!
And if you are lifting too light of weights and doing too much cardio you are doing yourself a diservice. Make most of your time in the weight room working on getting stronger and do short, but VERY intense bursts of cardio.

5. Drink more water. I know, it seems obvious. But our bodies are made up of mostly water. Have you ever had a plant that was half dead and then you gave it some water and it came back to life? Think of your body as the plant and give it enough water so you can thrive. Dehydration affects the way our muscles look and work, as well as our hair, nails, skin and more. I'm getting thristy just reading this.

6. Eat more whole foods and less processed foods. Duh! most things that are packaged are processed and filled with chemicals that your body does not know how to digest and over works your liver and whole digestive system. I know processed food is cheap, convenient and tastes good. It is SO not fair. But make a conscious effort to eat well at least 80% of the time.

7. Have fun! Go out with friends and family. Have some laughs. Enjoy the Holiday season. Laughter is the best medicine of all. :)

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