Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweat Bath

This was a great workout. Took longer than I expected, but since I actually had a baby sitter today, I didn't feel as rushed. LOL.
Took me about 45 min with warm up and stretch at the end:

5 rounds:

8 high step ups with 2 20 lb weights (I used a 24" platform)
8 weighted push ups (I used a 25 lb plate on my back)
8 bent over rows (I used 2 35 lb Kettlebells)
8 knee tucks (I was lucky enough to have acess to a TRX gym today, so I was able to do these, otherwise, get into a plank position, and draw knee to nose, 8x each leg)
8 Kettlebell snatches each arm

And now off to take my Juice Plus to help me recover from my workout. :)

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