Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back from vacation

And boy do I need to detox after all I ate and drank all week! But well worth it of course. Vacation was a blast, the beach, ice cream, water slides, puppet shows, and other kids activities. Kind of made me feel like a kid too. Ha! Which I love. (One of the main reasons I love yoga - you practice poses with fun names called Crow, Eagle, Scorpion, etc, and the poses make you feel like a kid!
No rushing around was the best part of vacation though.

I may have pigged out, but I fit in a workout each day. I brought my Kettlebell and pull up rings with me. :)

This was my favorite one:

A set of pull ups - (I did 8)

Tabata box jumps -(20")

A set of pull ups - ( I did 7)

Tabata sprints - and I SUCK at running, so this was probably more like a jog, LOL.

A set of pull ups - (I did 6)

Tabata push presses - I used a 40 lb KB and switched arms each time - KILLER for me at 40 lbs!

A set of pull ups (6)

Tabata mountain climbers paired with alternating V ups (ab torcher here)

A set of  pull ups (6)

Took about 30 min with the warm up and cool down. All outdoors too which was GREAT.

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