Thursday, June 28, 2012

Progress and Plateau

So I've made some progress. I can now do 8 pull ups, 7 dips, and 5 push ups with a 35 lb weight on my back, but I am plateauing with my lower body exercises. UGH.

I am stuck st 150-160 lbs for my deadlift and I want to get to 200 lbs! Perhaps I should aim for 180 lbs first -  as a good goal for deadlifts for men AND women is 1.5 x your bodyweight. I did do 160lbs the other day, but hurt my back a bit in the process. 

I plan on sticking to 150 lbs deadlifts and work my way up to 8-10 reps, and once there progress to 160 lbs. 
I have improved my front squat, but struggling with the back squat. Again my low back seems to be the issue. 
Low back problems can often be a result of weak glutes. Need to get them stronger! 

I will do the same with back squats - keep going at my current weight til I can get 8-10 reps then progress to a heavier weight. 

All in due time, and I have a plan!

How are you progressing? 


  1. Aren't your kettlebell swings working your glutes?

  2. Yes, good point! they certainly do, but they load the hamstrings more than the glutes. I'm working on some heavier swings these days as well as some glute specific exercises such as bridging and hip thrusters. I will do a post on that soon. :)

  3. Have you run across Bret Contreras,aka: "The Glute Guy?"

  4. I have! He rocks. I will mention him in my post on glute training!