Monday, May 14, 2012

An Interesting Way to Workout

I read about this workout online and decided to try it today and it was pretty brutal!
I am looking forward to my yoga workouts for sure this week. :)

This workout was by Geoff Neupert - he is a Kettlebell guy, and he gave an example of performing a double KB front squat, but you can really apply this technique to anything.

He says to use your 5 rep maximum of your double front squat, and then for 20 minutes, every minute on the minute, perform 3 squats.
So basically you perform 3 of the squats, rest the left over time of the one minute, and then repeat on minute 2, etc, etc, for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes you will have done 60 squats.

The KEY is to rest long enough to keep force production high, but short enough to where your heart rate gets, and remains, elevated.

I decided to try it today for my deadlift and my push press. I did it for 15 minutes each instead of 20 as I did it for 2 exercises. It was SO hard! At first I did not think it was going to be - I was like hmmmmmm, I think I need to do my exercises back to back and move around some more. But about 7 minutes into it I was DYING. And then I did it again for the push press.

You MUST go heavy enough for this to work.

I used 115 lbs and then 135 lbs for the deadlifts, and 65 lbs for the push press, but had to switch to one side at a time with a 35 lb or 40 lb KB as the barbell was irritating the sh*t out of my chest. Next time I'll wear a T-shirt instead of a tank top. LOL.

LOVED this, and can't wait to do it again. :)

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