Thursday, March 29, 2012

How are your goals coming along?

Please tell me you are not still aimlessly going to the gym without any goals!

I was talking with a woman the other day who LOVES her Sat morning class at her gym. LOVES it. She gets up extra early, leaves her kids with her husband, goes to class, goes to the sauna, takes a shower, goes out for coffee with friends before returning home. She said the class is very upbeat, has a fabulous instructor and she plays fabulous music. Her only complaint was that she has stopped seeing results.
We talked a bit more and I found out that though she finds this class challenging, it is not as challenging as it used to be, and she has plateaued. I also found out that when she was doing exercises such as squats or shoulder presses she was using the SAME weight she started with THREE years ago.
WHAT?! Are you kidding me? No wonder she has stopped seeing results!
Are you one of those people who goes to the gym and performs 3 sets of 10 with the same weight over and over again and have been for quite some time now? Do you really think that in a couple more months of doing the same thing you will have magical results?
STOP! Change it up! Use more weight, go faster, deeper, whatever, but do something different. PLEASE do not think for one second you will get bulky by changing from 10 lbs to 12. That's ridiculous!
WRITE down your goals and chart your progress and you will get results much faster.
For instance, it is my goal to be able to deadlift 200lbs, do 10 push ups with a 45lb weight on my back, push press 95 lbs, and do 10 pull ups in a row.
I can deadlift 150lbs, do 5 push ups with a 25 lb weight on my back, push press 70 lbs, and do 6 pull ups - sometimes 7! So I've got a little ways to go, but I'm getting there. Tracking it each week is helping me get to my goal.
Now I used to workout with girls from Crossfit who could deadlift 225+ lbs and push press over 120lbs! But it is all relative. Proportionate to my body weight I am not doing half bad. Some of those girls weighed more than 40 lbs than me, so their weight was heavier. (excuses, excuses, I know) :)
Now maybe you have no desire to lift heavy weights, maybe it is just to do push ups off your knees, or run a mile, or do a Turkish Get Up with a heavier Kettlebell. Whatever it is, write it down and push yourself a little harder each time you workout towards your goal.
Good luck!

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