Monday, January 30, 2012

Food for Thought

Which diet is best? Paleo? Atkins? South Beach? Weight Watchers? Raw Vegan? God knows you can get 100 different opinions on which one is the best, the worst and why.
From working with all sorts of clients, ages 7-77, of all body shapes, and both sexes, I can tell you there is no one diet that is the BEST for everybody. Sure I believe in eating only whole foods, and not processed foods, but I don't even follow that policy 100% of the time. I love my pasta and bread. :) And chocolate too of course.

But seriously, all diets actually work, and they work quite well. What happens is that most people out there do not like to follow the rules and regulations of a diet, hence go off the diet because it is too strict, or once they reach their goal no longer follow the diet, and all the weight comes back on.

So how can you follow a diet, have success and continue to follow that diet and continue to keep weight off?

A couple of things can help. Exercise - though you can NOT, let me repeat that - can NOT burn off what you eat, exercise does help against putting on more weight. It might not help you lose as much weight as you would like, but it CAN prevent you from putting on more.
Secondly, stop thinking of the way you eat as a diet. The diet mindset is too controlled, with rules - and rules are made to be broken - right?
You need a lifestyle change - a change in the way you eat that you can stick to.
So as cliche as it sounds - everything in moderation is key. I guess some of us do not really know when to say when, or how much is moderate or too much.
Eat plenty of REAL, unpackaged, unprocessed food at least 80% of the time, and you'll look better, feel better and simply BE better. I find the 80/20 "rule" much easier to follow and I don't find myself thinking all the time - can I eat this?
Figuring out a way to make your nutrition a way of life, rather than it being a daily project, will do wonders for your dieting habits.

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