Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is Saturated Fat Really the Enemy?

Saturated fat has gotten such a bad rap, but it seems to not be as bad as
it was once thought to be.
It is sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods, NOT fat that is the
culprit in most of our diets.
An article I was reading states the following:

There is an avalanche of new information about
saturated fat that could prove that all previous
dietary recommendations about the subject were

According to Dr. Ronald M. Krauss, a lipid specialist
and the Director of Atherosclerosis Research at

Children'sHospital Oakland Research Institute,

"Saturated fats may have an effect on cardiovascular

disease risk, but the effect is so small that we just

can't detect it."

His opinion is backed up by hard science. He and his
colleagues recently analyzed 21 published studies,

involving almost 350,000 people, who were tracked from

five to twenty-three years.

Their conclusion: People who consumed the most
saturated fat...did NOT...have a higher risk of heart

disease, stroke, or any other form of CVD

(cardiovascular disease).

The results were published last year, in the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Before you go full cow, or whole hog, remember that
there are a number of factors involved in any diet.

What happened, over many years, is that saturated
fat became a "villain"...while scientists ignored diets
loaded with sugar, refined carbs and trans fats. The
food industry, ever helpful, designed thousands of foods
that replaced saturated fats with refined carbohydrates
and tons of sugar.

As it is turning out, these foods introduce much,

much higher risks for cardiovascular disease.

This something I've been talking about for years. I

must have written at least 50 columns warning about

the dangers of refined carbohydrates and sugar, in the

last two years alone.

So eat the meat - ditch the sugar!

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