Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"High fructose corn syrup is the primary source of calories in the United States."

Here is a great read from one of my favorites - Dr. Bill!

To quote the Times, "High fructose corn syrup is the primary source
of calories in the United States."

You need to give this some serious thought. I have been warning 
about the dangers of sugar for years, but now this message is getting
through, in places where multitudes of people can be reached.

The links between refined sugar and cancer were examined in a 
new study published in Therapeutic Targets. The results of the 
study added further evidence that there is a direct connection 
between the overconsumption of sugar and the development of 

The researchers highlighted the numerous ways in which fructose 
directly contributes to cancer risk, and other health problems, including:

DNA damage


Altered cellular metabolism

Increased production of free radicals

That's not to mention that sugar contributes directly to becoming
overweight, or obese, which comes with a laundry list of its own

Quoting the Times, once again:

"What is even more concerning is that scientists conducting 
the research used pancreatic cancer cells, widely considered
to be the most deadly form of cancer. The discovery was 
monumental because not only did the researchers prove that 
tumor cells feed on sugar, but the tumor cells used fructose
for cell division in order to speed up the growth and spread of
cancer. Fructose consumption actually led to a massive  increase
in tumor cell growth and proliferation way beyond that of glucose."

The average American is now consuming 150 pounds of sugar 
annually. Children that don't weigh 100 pounds are consuming 
more sugar than they weigh. 

Experts believe sugar use should be capped at fifteen grams 
per day. That's less than half of what's in a single 12 ounce can of

Anyone trying to successly fight the battle of the bulge should
drastically reduce their sugar intake if they want to be a winner
in the long run. It's an uphill fight, but you have to make the effort
to come out on top. 

The good news is that some food companies have gotten the 
message. I went shopping recently with a friend who is making
the necessary lifestyle changes to lose his substantial front load.
We found sugar free versions of many products he previously 
used, without too much trouble. It does require a little extra effort,
but it's well worth it. His blood pressure has already improved, after 
just a few weeks.

I'm not advocating that you never have any sugar. It's like malted
beverages. Once in a while won't hurt. But you do have to make 
a substantial cut.

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